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The Food and Beverage Trainer Website provides powerpoint training's, materials & documents 
to assist companies, managers and teachers with classroom trainings, pre-openings, on the job trainings.

All powerpoint training's includes a Lesson Plan and Activities

Trying to teach hospitality staff and students who are very new to the industry and as well as staff who are still grasping the English language can be challenging without the right tools and teaching methods. The training materials provided on this site are an easy and an effective way to train staff 
as the content emphasizes on images, word  and  phrase association.  

Each powerpoint slide presentation incorporates custom animated features and images to keep 
the students/staff interested and focused on the key training points. 

To ensure that the key points have been absorbed there are activities included for each trainings ranging from role plays, individual and group work. 

The training methods are simplified, interactive, fun and are based on the study that...

People Remember...  10% of what they hear ;50% of what they hear and see; 90%of what they hear, see and do

People Remember...

»10% of what they hear
» 50% of what they hear and see
» 90%of what they hear, see and do

Other services include:- 

Hands on management roles and training's to ensure 5 star service standards are practised and maintained; training assessments; training databases; monthly capture rate & attendance reports; monitoring and measuring the companies CSI scores and target areas for improvement.

For each company the training programs are tailored to their specific needs.

Training 5 star service standards around the globe

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