Hospitality Training Services

Short and long term hospitality training services are available for hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants and colleges within South East Asia.

Trainings include the following:

  • 5 Star Guest Service Standards (Food and Beverage, Guest Service, Recreation and Housekeeping)
  • Effective Communication 
  • Hygiene and Grooming
  • Cocktail Training
  • Food and Beverage Product Knowledge
  • Sequence of Service
  • Hotel English (Basic, Conversation & Business)

These trainings are delivered by the Founder of Food and Beverage Trainer Ms. Ursula Donnellan who is currently located in Vietnam.

Ms. Ursula is an experienced and certified trainer for hospitality.

Career highlights include:

The training modules are tailored for each establishment based on their needs and to improve service standards.

To ensure maximum  participation from employees and students all training attendances are recorded and reported to the heads of departments each week. At the end of each month a full report is sent to the Human Resources and General Manager.

The monthly report will highlight the best and worst participation from each department; employee attendance records; training hours; monthly exam results; guest comment cards; online reviews; and recommendations on further training and development required.

Other training services include;


  • Set up the training and development database.
  • Monitor online forums (Tripadvisor,, Agoda etc) for key areas of improvement.
  • Collect, review and action guest comment cards.
  • Monitor the guest service standards practised in each department.
  • Conduct guest service and quality audits.

Hospitality Colleges: 

  • Build and maintain public relations with 5 star hotels, local and expat communities.
  • Monitor student development and work placement programs with 5 star resorts and hotels.
  • Prepare students for internship & employment interviews.
  • Assist students with industry placements.
  • Organize sponsored events with the local and expat community to support the students and teachers.
  • Arrange field trips for students to visit a variety of hospitality organizations such as 5 star hotels, cocktail bars, restaurants, golf courses, private villas/residents etc.
  • Support students with bar, cooking and other competitions.

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