Mystery Guest

Mystery Guest Audit

How well is your business really doing in the eyes of the guests? Are they receiving quality service? Is the service consistent? Are you doing better or on par with your competitors? Are your employees increasing sales by using up selling techniques or are they just simply taking the guests orders?

And most importantly is your team creating memorable guest experiences that will bring them back or recommend your business through good word of mouth and online reviews?

Find out with Food and Beverage Trainers Mystery Guest Audits.

Food and Beverage Trainer has the tools and the experience to measure your teams service standards and analyse the training needs required to deliver service excellence in each of the following departments:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Guest Services
  • Rooms

Areas of Assessment

Mystery Guest

Food and Beverage

Bars & Lounges
Room Service
Pool and Beach Service
Back of House
Mystery Guest

Guest Services

Arrival & Check-in Experience
Guest Relations
Spa & Fitness Centre
Mystery Guest


Arrival & Daily Cleanliness
Turndown Service
Equipment Maintenance
Facilities & Furniture Condition

The audits are tailored to meet the goals and expectations that you have established for your valued guests. Each area will be scored on the employees meeting or failing to meet standard service practices. The results will be presented to you in a detailed report within 3 business days. It will pinpoint areas for improvement, highlight excellent service encounters, and identify missed sales opportunities.

All audits are conducted in a confidential manner and without the knowledge of your team to reflect the level of service and care your guest are receiving at any given time of the day.

The audits will help you and your managers to:

  • Identify training needs to improve and enhance the guest experience.
  • Establish benchmarks for the level of service and quality of products your employees are expected to deliver to your valued guests.
  • Help employees understand the importance of providing exceptional service.
  • Make managers and employees accountable.
  • Pinpoint ways to increase profits
  • Implement KPI’s to measure managers and employees service standards, sales, cost control and guest satisfaction.
  • Implement incentive programs and reward outstanding employees and those who meet their KPI targets.
  • Be a step ahead of competitors.
  • Gain a great reputation through good word of mouth, recommendations, return guest and online reviews.
  • Reap financial rewards


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Download Free Score Sheets

Alternatively you can conduct the audits internally by using ready made score sheets.
The mystery guest audit score sheets are FREE with training purchases over $20 (USD).

Mystery Guest Audits
Mystery Guest Audits


✓ Ready to audit score sheets available in microsoft excel.

✓ 250+  five star service standards for Food & Beverage

✓ 600+ five star service standards  for Food & Beverage, Guest Services and Rooms.

✓ All scores are calculated automatically.